big data archives and their distributed analysis capabilities

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About CKP "IKI-Monitoring"


CKP "IKI-Monitoring" and UNU "BS IKI-Monitoring" (Vega-Science system) are registered on websites of "Modern Research Infrastructure of the Russian Federation" and “Information Analytical System of the Russian Science Foundation”.

Remote sensing methods are currently widely used for solving a variety of scientific and applied issues of environmental study and monitoring, so access to the archives of satellite data and information obtained on their basis, as well as tools for processing and analysis is necessary. At the same time, within the framework of the implementation of thematic projects, the creation of effective and, sometime, very expensive infrastructure that provides the ability to operate with the data of modern remote sensing systems is not always possible.

At the same time modern technologies allows implementing fundamentally new possibilities for operating with satellite information, providing effective collective use of quite expensive resources of the center for collective use of satellite data archiving, processing and analysis systems. The introduction of modern remote sensing data processing capabilities was the goal of launching of the CKP “IKI- Monitoring” by IKI in 2012 aimed at solving the problems of environmental study and monitoring.


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