сверхбольшие архивы спутниковых данных и возможности их распределенного анализа


Development of the unit for testing the methods of remote computerized monitoring of environmental changes in the “IKI-Monitoring” center for collective use

Evgeny Loupian, Viktor Savorskiy, Aleksandr Kashnitskii, Dmitrii Kobets, Konstantin Sen'ko, Ivan Balashov and Ivan Uvarov

// E3S Web of Conferences. Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing (RPERS 2019), 2020. № 149.. С.01002.

eISSN: 2267-1242

The impact of hazardous waste on people and the environment from agricultural, industrial, military and mining activities form one of the most significant global environmental challenges. These wastes often include heavy metals, acid precipitates (sulfur oxide solutions), hydrocarbons, and other organic chemicals. Creation of the tools of the VEGA-Science service (http://sci-vega.ru/) to control the state of vegetation for the monitoring the impact of technogenic waste and dumps sources (TWDS) on the environment is the main objective of this work. To achieve this goal, proposals for the modernization and development of the VEGA-Science services have been defined to provide the organization and analysis of long-term variability of the vegetation cover caused by the influence of TWDS.

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