сверхбольшие архивы спутниковых данных и возможности их распределенного анализа


Assessment of arable lands use in the VEGA satellite monitoring services on the example of Primorsky Krai

Denisov P.V., Kashnitskiy A.V., Loupian E.A., Tolpin V.A., Troshko K.A.

// IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2020. № Vol. 547. P.012005.

The paper considers the possibility of arable lands use assessing by the facilities of satellite monitoring services VEGA. The services provide access to archived and operational satellite data of various spectral bands, spatial resolution and time ranges. They also implement various tools for interactive and automated processing of this data. These include comparative visual analysis of multi-temporal satellite imagery, visual analysis of multi-temporal color composites and graphs of vegetation indices dynamics, pixel-based and object-based classification. The main features of cultivated and abandoned arable lands are considered on the example of Primorsky Krai, Russia. It is shown that the object-based classification tool implemented in the services allows user to classify cultivated and abandoned arable lands with an accuracy above 90%.

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  • Институт космических исследований РАН, Москва
  • Институт географии РАН, Москва
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